Bridie Keen playing in wheelchair

Ballzzz in the Air

Listen to Suncoast Spinners President Dr Bridie Keen: You can find her at the 18 second mark: LISTEN HERE

This week’s episode of Ballzzz in the Air brought us twice the guests for twice the fun!

Our regular “Ad Hoc Jocks” Chris and Anthony were rocking in their socks as they welcomed comedian Aaron Gocs to the 4ZZZ Commentary Box.

We had the great pleasure of talking with Dr Bridie Kean, President of Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball This is a truly incredible sport to watch, and one that EVERYONE can participate in (no seriously – this is one of the most inclusive of all sports). Not sure where to start? Why not get yourself along to the 2023 Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Carnival at Morayfield on 10th and 11th June.

With our “supersub” Aaron activated, and with Bridie registering some impressive early points, the pressure was back on our two workhorses to keep rolling to the fulltime siren. This they did, with something from almost every chapter of the playbook – cricket, basketball, rugby league, wheelchair rugby league, and football.

If you want a reminder of just how enjoyable this week’s Ballzzz in the Air musical selections were, check out our play list.

Play hard, play fair… keep those Ballzzz in the Air!

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