Hall of Famer Troy Sachs on why wheelchair basketball isn’t just for people with a disability

Article by Bridie Keen shared on ABC News. You can access the full article on the ABC website HERE

The rise of the Paralympic Games has increased the fanbase of wheelchair basketball.

With a rich history of trailblazing Australian stars, wheelchair basketball is a Paralympic sport Australia has dominated for decades.

But beyond the Paralympic excellence is the potential for this sport to create a truly inclusive sporting environment for all of us to embrace.

This is a call to action for people of all abilities to play wheelchair basketball.


There are opportunities to play wheelchair basketball in most states and territories in Australia. Many disability sporting organisations run weekly programmes and provide wheelchairs to play in.

By playing wheelchair basketball at the grassroots level, you are helping to grow the foundation for Paralympic pathways. You are contributing to the development of a truly inclusive sporting movement that can work toward a legacy of Australia becoming the most inclusive sporting environment.

You are not taking an opportunity away from a person with a disability, if you are allowing a club or sporting team to provide competitive opportunities for people with impairments that have all too often had limited or no opportunity to play team sport.

Wheelchair basketball is one place where this can start, so we are calling for people of all abilities to join our incredible sporting movement and learn, like Troy Sachs proved, everything is possible in wheelchair basketball.

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