How We’re Growing Our Club


Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Inc. is a volunteer based, not-for-profit incorporated association which has operated on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years. Starting as a group of friends who met weekly to play wheelchair basketball, the club has developed to deliver a weekly social program, school workshops, community events and an annual wheelchair basketball tournament, which attracts players from all over Australia.

Suncoast Spinners caters for physically disabled and able-bodied athletes in the sport of wheelchair basketball on the Sunshine Coast. The club has recently developed a sporting initiative called Reverse Inclusion, where able-bodied players participate in sport that has traditionally been played by people with physical disabilities.

This allows for a truly inclusive sport and recreation environment, where everyone is welcome.

Why We Exist

Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Club enhances the lives of people with disabilities through social interaction and engagement.

Within a truly inclusive sport and recreation environment.

Suncoast Spinners was formed over 20 years ago as a group of friends who met weekly to play wheelchair basketball.  

Though players changed over the years, a core group remained and continues to play to this date.

The club has played at many venues on the Sunshine Coast over this time and has now found a permanent facility that meets the club’s sporting needs at the University of the Sunshine Coast Sports Stadium.