Kids Club

Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Inc. is proud to showcase our Kid’s Club.

For children with disabilities, finding suitable sports activities is often a challenge. The Suncoast Spinners Reverse Inclusion Initiative enables children of all abilities access to sport.

Why We Exist

Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Club enhances the lives of people with disabilities through social interaction and engagement.

Celebrating a truly inclusive sport and recreation environment.

Unfortunately, it is likely children with disabilities will face stigma and discrimination throughout their childhood, potentially denying them opportunities that are essential to their social development and mental well-being.

However, children’s disability sport can help reduce this gap, encouraging heightened self-esteem, perceived physical competence and peer acceptance.

Reverse Inclusive sports enable children with and without disability to play sport together on an equal basis. This is achieved through wheelchair sport activities. The wheelchair is a piece of sporting equipment that equalises the playing field.

We would like to acknowledge the Stockland Care grant (Birtinya Retail Shopping Centre Grant) for their contribution of $1000 to support the delivery and equipment for the kids club program.